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Ohio State University Gifts

Ohio State University was established in the year 1870 and the main campus located in Columbus, Ohio is one of the largest in America. The campus spans over 1,700 acres and includes 451 buildings. There are also regional campuses located in Mansfield, Lima, Marion, and Newark, Ohio, as well as an Agricultural Technical Institute located in Wooster, Ohio. OSU is considered to be one of the top 20 national public universities and was included in the 2013 list of America's Best Colleges as reported by U.S. News and World Reports.OSU is comprised of 14 colleges, has approximately 63,058 students enrolled, offers 175 undergraduate majors, and 12,000 different courses.

These delightful OSU gifts are great for birthdays, graduation or Christmas.

Licensed OSU Ohio State University Buckeyes Silver Pearl Tin Cup Bracelet

Licensed OSU Ohio State University Buckeyes Sterling Silver and Pearl Tin Cup Bracelet

Swarovski Pearls and Sterling Silver Beads are combined to create our Ohio State Buckeyes Bracelet.

Licensed OSU Ohio State University Buckeyes Rubber Silver Enamel Bracelet

Licensed OSU Ohio State University Buckeyes Rubber Sterling Silver Enamel Bracelet

The Ohio State Buckeyes rubber bracelet is made in solid sterling silver with the color enamel background charm.

Licensed Ohio State University Buckeyes Rubber Sterling Silver Bracelet

Licensed OSU Ohio State University Buckeyes Rubber Sterling Silver Bracelet

This Ohio State Buckeyes rubber bracelet is made in solid sterling silver with the black enameled background charm.

Wendell August Ohio State University Stadium Christmas Ornament

Wendell August Ohio State University Buckeyes Stadium Christmas Ornament

Wendell August Forge is proud to partner with Ohio State University to make this OSU stadium ornament.

Wendell August Ohio State University Leaf Christmas Ornament

Wendell August Ohio State University Leaf Christmas Ornament

Wendell August Forge is proud to partner with Ohio State University to create this leaf ornament in aluminum.

The Velvet Box Ohio Collegiate University Bead (Gray Core)

The Velvet Box OSU Ohio State University Bead (Gray Core)

Fits Pandora, Trollbeads, Chamilia, Biagi. Just like our OSU bead with a white core, show off your Buckeye spirit.

History of Ohio State University

It was all made possible thanks to President Lincoln's singing of the Land-Grant Act in July of 1862. Now it was possible for virtually every high school graduate to earn a college degree. In 1870, the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College was opened by the Ohio General Assembly. At first the curriculum was a topic of dispute, with some wanting the learning to focus specifically on agriculture and mechanical arts, while others wanted the college to offer a more broad based curriculum. In the end, the broader, more diverse curriculum won out and the first classes were held in September of 1873. The name of the college was later changed to Ohio State University in 1878.

The Birth Of The Buckeye Name

Ohio State University sports teams are called the "Buckeyes", with the term being officially adopted in 1950. However, long before then was the term associated with the state of Ohio in general thanks to well known lore and historical facts. Local residents had long been referred to as Buckeyes even before Ohio became an official state, derived from the Indian name "hetuck", meaning buckeye, given to a Colonel of that time period. The nickname later caught on to refer to all resident of the area. Many feel that the main link between the state of Ohio, its residents, and sports teams being referred to as Buckeyes can be traced back to William Henry Harrison who campaigned for President in 1840. As part of his campaign, Harrison used the buckeye tree and buckeye nuts, commonly referred to as "buckeyes" as campaign symbols. This was when the word buckeye became synonymously linked to the state of Ohio.

Interesting Facts About Ohio State University

The school colors of OSU are grey and scarlet and the name of the school mascot is Brutus Buckeye. Brutus came to be in 1938 and is one of the most recognizable mascots in the United States and was inducted to the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2007. The motto of Ohio State University is "Education for citizenship" in English, and "Disciplin in civitatem" in Latin. Their marching band is known as TBDBITL, an acronym for "the best damn band in the land". The band is highly visible and a long standing tradition associated with Ohio State University.

Sports Offered At Ohio State

OSU offers many athletic opportunities for its students including sports such as track and field, cross country, fencing, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, soccer, swimming and diving, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and of course, football.

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team has a loyal following of fans who come to see their games played at the Ohio Stadium since the year 1922. They are currently coached by Urban Meyer. They compete as part of the NCAA ( National Collegiate Athletic Association )in the Football Bowl Subdivision and participate in the Big Ten Conference where they have won seven national championships and 36 conference championships. Buckeye Football can also boast that they have had ten seasons in which they were undefeated.

Buckeye fans are die hard and devoted to their favorite team and have several fan sites online where they can participate in community forums and find out the latest information on their fave team. One such site is called Buckeye Planet. OSU fans really get into the spirit of things, and go so far as to paint their faces and bodies in the school colors, along with the symbolic buckeye leaf.

The Buckeyes even have their very own "official cheering section" known as Block O. These fans consist of a group from a registered student organization who occupy Section 39A located in the South Grandstand. Their "job" is to start cheers, spread spirit, and perform card stunts. The Block O group was founded by Clancy Isaac in the year 1938 and the tradition remains today.

Football Traditions

Just as with the history of the school and the Buckeye name itself, Ohio State University football has its own list of long standing traditions associated with it. The oldest tradition is the Senior Tackle that dates back to 1913, in which seniors are recognized by hitting the blocking sled one last time during the final practice of the season. In 1925, the Illibuck trophy became a tradition, where a live turtle was awarded to the winner of the game between Illinois and Ohio State. Two years later, the live turtle was replaced with a wooden statue of a turtle. When the Buckeyes are victorious over the Michigan Wolverines, each players gets a mini golden charm of a pair of football pants, known as the Gold Pants charm.

On the Sunday after the big Homecoming game, all former team captains gather for the Captain's Breakfast, a tradition since 1934. That same year, for every player who wins first team All America honors, a buckeye tree is planted in Buckeye Grove. The school also participates in Michigan Week, playing Michigan during the last game of the regular season. Many special activities take place during this week of enthusiastic school spirit. Before this big game, students take a plunge in Mirror Lake, located on campus, to bring their team good luck.

These are just some of the fun and long standing traditions associated with this university which takes great pride not only in their academic programs and standards, but also in their unrivaled school spirit and athletics programs. Rich in history and tradition, Ohio State University has truly made a name for itself as one of the top universities in the United States.

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